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Our Process

Stage 1


Is our first step, where we get an understanding of a client’s brief. This is an in-depth process as we consider the lifestyle, the space layout and the client’s vision.

Stage 2


Following the clients brief, we create a concept design, which will detail the floor plan, furniture layout and a mood board with all the fabrics, images of furniture and soft furnishings. This also includes project costs and estimates and timelines. At this stage, we also invite the client to give feedback on the proposed concepts, and make any changes. Once this process is finalised and approved, we sign off and move to the next stage.

Step 3

Manufacture & sourcing

We then proceed to the manufacturing of bespoke furniture, and sourcing other items as agreed.

Step 4

Installation & handover

The last phase is installation, and officially handing over a complete project to a happy client.